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Lawn Education

Digging deep into your lawn practice.

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Lawn Coaching

Offering one on one individualized grass assistance, to take your lawn to the next level!

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Video Consulting

You may live far from our Utah location, but with technology, we can be in your yard with you.

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Lawn Products

We offer only the products we use and test. It's no miracle ingredient but it will work.

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Somethings To Keep In Your Tool Shed

This is our life.

This is our life.

We live and breath lawn care. Don't be alarmed when we discuss pricing before a consultation.

We have a GREEN vision.

We have a GREEN vision.

Our vision is to help educate you and grow you, not just personally but also your grass too.


We breath green (not literally, but it would be cool right?).


We have principles at The Greener Lawn.


We aren't here to just sell, we're here to help.


Your success, is our success!