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Have the LAWN of your DREAMS!

What can you do today, to have the best possible lawn tomorrow? Don't know where to start or need some guidance, we are here to help!


Beautiful Activated Garden Visions

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Growing Fresh Plants Make Green Earth

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Lawn Coaching With a Reason

Here at The Greener Lawn we are about teaching you about proper lawn care, not just selling you a product.

Lawn Education

Teaching you about the proper cultural practices, for better lawn care.

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Video Consulting

Not only do we offer videos & how-to's (on YouTube), we are happy to do a video consultation with you.

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Lawn Products

We only recommend products we have seen work and believe in.

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Lawn Merchandise

Well, we don't have white new balances (Sorry Dad) but we do have hats, shirts, stickers & more.

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What Our Customers Say

The proof isn't in the pudding, it's how healthy their grass is.

I just want to thank you for helping me obtain such a great lawn this year! It wasn’t until this year that I decided to give my lawn the TLC it needed and while scrolling through IG, I came across your page. I asked so many questions and you always came through with a solution. Best part was you educating me throughout the process and helping me better understand my lawn. From Baby shampoo, eliminating grubs, Fertilizer program, importance of mowing more consistently and my first rodeo with overseeding. Now I get to show off my yard when I have guests over 🤙🏽 Check out the lawn here!

Arath De La RochaUSA

Jeremy at the Greenerlawn helped me diagnose a fungus that was plaguing my lawn and was able to recommend steps for the recovery process plus he gave me advice for my fall over-seeding project. Not only did he help get my lawn looking good again but he also shared many tips and tricks that a new lawn care diyer like myself would never think of like cycling water to using baby shampoo on my law. Greenerlawn is extremely knowledgeable and has steered me in the direction of a healthy greener lawn!

JonnySo Cal, CA

Okay, first off I have to say that The Greener Lawn has helped me in so many ways to get my yard in tiptop shape! He is very kind, knowledgeable, and always extremely helpful. My yard had a lot of sod worm damage and a nasty crabgrass infestation. The Greener Lawn helped me solve all of these problems and gave me step by step instructions on how to prevent these issues from happening again. I would strongly recommend his services for anyone looking to get a healthier and greener lawn. No pun intended. 😂

DavidTacoma, WA

A few months back I was going through Social media,YouTube, etc. As I’m scrolling through pages I came across several pages. But something about the greener lawn care Caught my eye. Most people when you watch their videos or your going through their page.First thing out of their mouth is “like my page!” “follow me.” They don’t worry anything except for their followers and likes. I didn’t get that from the greener lawn page. So I gave it a shot.. why not? I reach out to Him and he responded back fast. I told him the situation I was going through. He gave me a price plan. I didn’t buy into at first But I really felt good about the communication. he was more interested in my grass then the money. At first I think I sent a five dollars tip. After that, I sent a couple more messages and bought into his plan. what he offered I believe it was like $50 for a phone and a video chat walk-through of my grass and basically unlimited messages to this day I still text him for any issues or problems and he does not have a problem about responding or giving info out. He doesn’t have to because I pay for my $50 I believe it was a 30 minute walk-through and 30 minute video conference with him. But he still responds. Thanks to him I have the greenest grass in the neighborhood. Even on drought status!! Thank you bro!!

Esau Galindo

I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable when it comes to lawncare. But I also know there are times when I need help. Its at those times that I know I can count on Jeremy. He takes the time necessary to diagnose any issue you may have and come up with an action plan to get you back on track. He is quick to respond to any questions and concerns you may have. I sent him my pics (my before pics) in the middle of a major heat wave and drought this past August, he asked for more picks, asked a few questions and was able to give me a diagnosis within an hour of first contacting him.He had a plan of attack for me within that same hour. My after pics are the recovery nearly 2 months later. Its a remarkable turnaround and I have Jeremy to thank! Whether you are just getting started on your lawncare journey or you have years of experience Jeremy can and will help you in any way he can. There are very few people I trust with my lawn but Jeremy is right at the top of that small list. I trust him with my lawn and you should too. Thank you Jeremy for all your help the past few months and thank you in advance for all the help going forward!

Peter Brown

Pete BrownNew York

Just saw your website! Congratulations.. so here is Sending a huge thank you to Jeremy! I have always wanted a nice plush green lawn but did not have a clue how to get it; now I do! In just a month and a half my lawn went from disaster to amazing! I am so thankful to find you on IG! I have learned so much about my lawn and how to care for it! From watering, cutting cycle, and types of products it is amazing! Jeremy is always quick to respond to questions, concerns or even proud progress messages! I am looking forward to continuing next season! I still can not believe it is my lawn when i am pulling up to my house!! Jen from NY